what to expect  Bloomington, MN

The first visit will include a comprehensive history, postural check and a complete examination of the musculoskeletal system.  This initial visit is usually approximately 45 minutes.  The report of findings will be conducted on the follow-up visit.  This is a chance for the doctor to discuss diagnosis, treatment options and specific plan.  It is also a perfect time for any questions or concerns to be answered. Please note: Treatment may or may not be rendered on the first visit.  This is determined on a client by client basis. If any further imaging, testing, or referral is required this is done at the clinical judgement of the chiropractor.  Safety first.

What is the Cost.

We will work to check your insurance benefits, in an out-of-network capacity.  We accept HSA and FSA accounts, DHS, Medicare, Personal injury and Workman’s Compensation cases as well.  Evolution Chiropractic happily accepts any major credit card, check or cash.